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Coming from…

a preserved expanse from Mormal

Forest and recently sold in the large

multiple retailers of North Pas de Calais

and Picardie, Perlyne is a natural mineral

water which is balanced and ideally

mineralized with many qualities:

Pure, nitrat free, registered for the nutrition of both infants and pregnant

women but it is also adjusted to low sodium diets.

Pleasant  and light, Perlyne flows  in the body and carries its original purity

to the heart of cells.


Natural Mineral Water



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During pregnancy,

your body undergoes big changes , it is vital to increase your consumption in water and choose carefully  the water which will accompany you during your pregnancy and even beyond.


Water is essential for nursing mothers.

It is really important to choose  your water

carefully when you breastfeed.

Perlyne mineral water

is bottled at Bousies by the CEMG SAS, a 100% family owned company and independent of the major players in the market, within an environmentally - responsible bottling site which benefits from the latest technologies.

This mineral water undergoes very strict controls by registered laboratories to guarantee a pure and natural water of great quality, which responds to the needs of your body.

Sensitive to dehydration,

a newborn needs a water which is weakly

mineralized in sufficient quantity.


As his nerve system and  immune system

are in full development, a baby must also 


have a pollutant-free water ( such as lead and microbs (bacteries)).

For all these reasons, paediatricians  recommend a mineral water

weakly mineralized, which label mentions : “ suitable for preparing

of infant food ”.


These waters comply with a whole series of microbiological and physical-chemical criteria such as the absence of some dangerous germs and levels of nitrate, fluorine …

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